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Untold Secrets of Public Speaking

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Beyond Books Level 2

Beyond Books Level 2 is the next step in the Leadership training ladder.

Bigger, More Daring & Improvised

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Ultimate TEEN Shaping Seminar - For Parents

Learn the Art of Creating a Success Path for your Teenager Son / Daughter

Register for the FREE Seminar by India's leading Teenage Coach & Influencer. You will learn

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Increasing employee engagement through creative motivation techniques creates the Zeal in staff t


Life is joyful and even more beautiful when you are able to enjoy it at 360 degrees.



Awaken the leader in your childat the Right age at the Right time.

 Awaken the leade


Communication is the key to Human Connection. Speak not just to impress but to express.


Our Upcoming Book

When I Was Challenged - Rajendar Kumar Jain

Our Upcoming Book

When I Was Challenged - Rajendar Kumar Jain

Book Name : When I Was Challenged

Author : Rajendar Kumar Jain

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Our Testimonials

  • Dr.Ayappan Nair

    Academic Director (BGS Group of Institutions)

    Rajendar Jain has the Mesmerizing positive impact on people he works with. He creates Leaders at all ages. 

  • Dr.Divakar Bhat

    chief cardio-thoracic surgeon (Mallya Hospital)

    Raju Bhai (Rajendar Jain) resides in the Hearts of people. Everyone must undergo his programs for a beautiful & Fulfilling Life.

  • Saroja Chandrashekaran

    MD - Subiksha Construction Private Limited

    When I first met Raju bhai, I told him that I am not in a profession that I dreamt of.  After attending his Life Coaching sessions, I realised that I am already in a profession that I ought to be!  He really made me see inside me!!

    Rajendra Jain’s life coaching enhances your's potential  by making you look deep inside you.  His coaching not only changes your life, but also have an extended positive impact on other's life too!